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Jorge P. Jan 25, 2019 ★★★★★
Let me start off by saying Antoinette is one of the greatest teachers you can find teaching the violin. You can tell she really cares about all her students and wants them to achieve success with their playing. She is a very kind person and will help you tackle any problems that you come across while learning how to play. I find it amazing how we now are able to play in our own little orchestra of beginners and grow together like a family. Highly recommend giving these classes a shot!”
Wanyun Y., Aug 2018 ★★★★★
“Have been with Antoinette for two semesters, and will definitely keep going. She’s very professional and friendly. She puts her heart and soul into preparing us resources and presenting classes, making sure every piece of music and skill we practice fits our level and is challenging enough. Also love the semi-annual concerts. I really enjoy learning with her, meeting great people in class, doing amazing music and showing off in concerts. Looking forward to the next semester!”
James O., Dec 2018 ★★★★★
“Antoinette is an amazing violin instructor. I started learning how to play the violin from her two years ago and during this time I have seen big improvements in my ability to play the violin. She’s great at understanding the individual needs of her students and coming up with a tailored learning approach that enables her students to feel comfortable and grow their skills. The music pieces we use in class are well chosen and have made the learning experience very pleasurable. In addition to private classes, every year, Antoinette organizes two group class, one in Spring and the other Winter that both culminate in a violin concert in front of an audience of 60-80 people. This has really helped me build my confidence in playing the violin in front of a large audience. I highly recommend her to those who want to play learn how to play the violin for the first time as well as those that are looking to improve their skills at any level. It has been a great learning experience!”
Christian C, Dec 2018 ★★★★★
“NYC Violin Studio is a well-run operation with a conscientious and capable teaching and management. The venue is conveniently accessible just south of Madison Square Garden. Their semi-annual concert was a joy to be a part of, and every participant seemed to have been well-prepared by this school. The school director especially puts her heart and soul into everything they do, and she is agreeable and easy to get along with, working with students on any contingencies.
“The director had actually recruited me to help out playing cello in one of their concerts. She not only motivated me to start practicing again after a 36 hiatus (last time was in 3rd grade!), but she also got a friend to lend me his cello and she gave me one-on-one lessons with pointers on some basics to playing this sort of stringed instrument. The concert after-party was fun as well, and I met many great people along the way. ~C “
Olivia M. Olivia M., Feb 2018 ★★★★★
“I picked up the violin recently (after 10 years of not touching my instrument) and you couldn’t ask for a better teacher than Antoinette. She’s really friendly and patient and is really invested on an individual level of her students. Living in NYC, it’s daunting to try and dust off an old hobby and get back on track, but Antoinette made my transition back into violin-playing extremely seamless.”
T.K., Feb 2015 ★★★★★
“Antoinette is a wonderful teacher.  Since I am an adult student who has played prior she has tailored the curriculum  and music selection for me and has incorporated specific pieces I want to learn to play.  She keeps it fun, and I can hear the difference in my playing ability and confidence with the instrument.  My friends have commented how far I have come since starting lessons again as an adult.  She pairs both the skill development and confidence building; I am excited after each lesson of how I sound and what I have learned.  In a city so large with so many teachers I was very lucky to have found Antoinette as my teacher.  Thanks so much!

Facebook Reviews:

Stephanie J. reviewed NYC Violin Studio — ★★★★★
April 29, 2018

Tonia P.
 reviewed NYC Violin Studio — ★★★★★
February 9, 2018“It’s one thing to be able to play the violin oneself; it’s another to know how to teach. Antoinette knows how to teach; she’s brilliant at it. She can dissect problems 40 different ways until something clicks with the student, and she can offer multiple approaches to any concern. She’s supportive and clear. I’ve had instructors who praise me to the sky for doing things I know are not good; Antoinette’s praise means something. She’s never harsh or mean; she’ll just keep working at something with me until she can finally say, “good”–and mean it. I am beyond grateful to work with her.”

Kennedy G. reviewed NYC Violin Studio — ★★★★★
August 30, 2017“Antoinette is a gifted teacher who tailors her approach to each student’s needs.”

Jacquibal L. reviewed NYC Violin Studio — ★★★★★
June 11, 2017

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Katie F., December 10, 2018

“2.5 years ago I started learning to play the violin, and it’s been fun and challenging and frustrating and amazing. I’m lucky to have an awesome teacher in Antoinette Ady, who not only pushes and inspires me in lessons, but plans concerts and organizes a student orchestra with other students at The NYC Violin Studio (AND is picking up the cello like a boss)!! So very happy to have gotten the chance to perform yesterday (even if it was terrifying) – and happy to have closed the concert with a great song. Thank you, Antoinette!!”

“Once I finished residency I went from working over 80 hours a week to 40. It made me realize how grueling my life had been, but it also gave me a great appreciation for my time. I decided I wanted to do something for my soul. I’ve always wanted to play the violin since I was a kid. For no particular reason other than I found it beautiful. I started lessons having never touched a violin and with no clue how to read music. I love that now I can actually make sounds other than just noise! It challenges a different part of my brain and I really enjoy it. My friends joke that I finished training for a difficult career only to use my free time to learn the most difficult instrument! I played happy birthday for my mom last year and she loved every second. That was an awesome feeling!” F.H., Emergency Room M.D., Jan 2018

“I think for me it’s a positive reinforcement that it’s never too late to do anything!! When I told friends and coworkers that I was taking Violin lessons they actually couldn’t believe it…they would say “I’ve always wanted to do that, or, I should do something like that…”…..and then tell me they just didn’t have the time or some other excuse…
It’s so satisfying to look back 15 months ago when I made the first scratchy noise come out of that wooden box, and to know now that I can play some tunes on that thing!! I see those same people everyday and they still haven’t taken on any new challenges…so it goes. I guess it just makes me feel a lot more alive….  J.S. Aviation Engineer, Jan 2018

“I think  is fun and addictive….. I love math and what I do as my career and I work on it outside of work as well…. But I needed another thing in my life to work on that was different and not numbers and computer related….so for me I think it’s a nice escape from my work/passion…I use to go to work and code and build models and then go home and work on side projects or go to some machine learning clubs… And it got to the point where I was starting to not enjoy math and programming much any more…. But having Violin in the mix gave me a good balance…. It’s sorta like the saying distance makes the heart grow fonder … I don’t know if any of that made sense lol. But on a side note , I played the Violin for almost 3 hours last night! Up until midnight!” J.L., advanced software engineer, Jan 2018

“Struggling to learn to play is not only generally wonderfully hard work (and humbling), it reminds me what my students go through, how for some of them, reading and writing are profoundly challenging, as mentally difficult as it is for me physically to place my fingers on the strings correctly, or to bow properly–never mind to read the music. I resist practicing, because it’s hard, the way they resist doing their homework, because it’s hard. I share with them all the time my struggles–but also the gratification of getting something right, even if only for a moment. It’s great, too, to be reminded on occasion (as when you showed me that video you’d taken of my bowing from some time ago) of the progress I’ve made: progress I can’t feel in the moment but that is nevertheless there–and I remind them that they’ll have that experience with their writing, if they do the other part, the hard part, the part we resist.” -T.L.P, college English professor, Jan 2018

Lesson Reviews

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By Jennifer on 7/10/2017
Violin, In home

Antoinette is, by far, the best music instructor that I have ever hired. Music has always been a part of my life. As a child, I took piano lessons for years and continued on and off through college. As a complete novice to the violin, I was nervous to begin such a challenging instrument as an adult hobby. Antoinette is encouraging, intelligent and incredibly skilled. Her calm demeanor and patience is vital to one’s success. She focuses on the building blocks to a successful technique with ease. I am incredibly grateful to Antoinette for reminding me of how enjoyable music can be. I look forward to our weekly sessions around my busy work schedule. Her location is conveniently located within walking distance from the subway in NYC.


By Tonia on 5/29/2017
Fiddle, In studio

I took violin lessons for a year with an instructor I found through a different organization–and I learned more in one hour with Antoinette than I learned in 30 lessons with that other teacher. In just one lesson, I can see that Antoinette is friendly, smart, encouraging, knows her stuff–and knows how to teach (which not every good player can do). I’m an adult, but I bet she’d be just as great with a student of any age.


By Donna on 2/16/2017
Violin, In studio

Antoinette was patient and effective during my first lesson. As an adult, having never taken a violin lesson in my life, I was nervous. But Antoinette has confidence in me and I am looking forward to more lessons with her!


By Caroline I on 2/14/2017

Antoinette is great! She’s helping me undo years of bad technique and I’ve already heard an improvement in this short period of time.


By Wendy G on 12/4/2016

She is a great teacher. Very patient


By Jackie H on 11/22/2016

Great teacher and very passionate! She’s patient, positive, responds promptly when I message her with any questions or rescheduling conflict. Great at explaining techniques. I could not have asked for a better Violin teacher.

When searching for a violin teacher, I researched and reached out to a place down the street from me, and it took them over a week to just give me a quote on how much lessons are and when I could schedule them. I decided to do more research and compare. I contacted a few others and then I contacted Antoinette and she responded within a day. Even though she is much farther from my home, I decided to go with her because I knew that she would be a teacher who cared. And I was right 🙂

Very happy with my lessons. I have taken a little hiatus and now back and buying the packaged deals for more lessons with Ms. Ady


By John S on 11/17/2016

Excellent teacher. I have a little musical background since I play acoustic guitar, but this is the first time playing the violin. Antoinette is great at communicating and prioritizing what is and is not important from the mass of new information presented to a new student. Definitely a fun learning experience, highly recommended!!


By Kavita R on 9/25/2016

We began with two lessons for our 7 year old daughter, and Antoinette has been a great sync in terms of understanding her ability while pushing her limits. She is patient with, relating with her as a peer, while being her teacher and guide. We just signed up for more lessons!


By Colleen C on 6/29/2016

Antoinette is awesome! I look forward to my lessons each week.


By David G on 6/27/2016

Antoinette is a great teacher who has helped me to grow out of a complete beginner. She is very attentive to her students and has assisted me in finding my weaknesses to improve with each lesson. I am pleased with the time spent with her as a student and would not hesitate to recommend her.


By Tara T on 6/13/2016

Miss Antoinette is wonderful. She worked with my 3 year old for beginner lessons (resting position, listening and following directions). My daughter adores her. We live in NJ, so the commute to manhattan became too much for my daughter. But the experience was worth it, she learned a great deal from Miss Antoinette who was patient, accommodating, and fun.


By Michael O on 5/28/2016

Antoinette is a really friendly, approachable teacher. I was brand new to the violin and she’s been extremely helpful so far! She rented me a violin and I was playing by the end of our first lesson. I’d definitely recommend her to both new and experienced musicians.


By Diane M. on 1/31/2016
Violin, In home

Antoinette is a gifted teacher. I learned so much in my first lesson with her! She explains everything so clearly. It’ll be easy to remember her words and imagery as I practice during the week.


By Edward M. on 1/10/2016
Violin, In home

Really great first lesson with my (somewhat experienced) son last night and looking forward to more.


By Jim I on 11/17/2015
Violin, In studio

Very happy with my first lesson. Antionette was very patient and encouraging. I actually left wishing I had started lessons years earlier.


By Heriberto N on 10/26/2015

Teaching skills are superb and scheduling is flexible to what you need. Easy to work with and assists you with any errors and/or questions you may have.


By Ari K. on 10/19/2015
Violin, In studio

My son enjoyed the class. He felt inspired by the talented teacher and is looking forward to the next class.


By Patty D. on 7/2/2015
Fiddle, In studio

Never having touched a violin before, Antoinette is a great, and patient, teacher!


By Marissa H. on 6/18/2015
Fiddle, In home

Antoinette is professional and pleasant to learn from. She gives clear instruction and is patient.

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