NYC Violin Studio offers our students who are actively taking lessons with us the option to rent an instrument. Once you pick up the violin, it is yours to bring home and practice on. You will be transporting it from home to lessons (and wherever else you like to play!)

Rentals start from $30/month (depending on the quality of violin) on a recurring charge on a credit card (not a debit card or gift card).

No long-term contracts are required, however to qualify for a rental, students must purchase a package of lessons (5 or more private lessons) or classes (10 or more group classes), or, be signed up for a recurring monthly private lesson package. This acts as a deposit, as well as gets you started on your violin journey.

When the violin is returned in good condition, the recurring charge will be canceled. String changes, tuning and bridge adjustments are included.  however if you damage the violin, you must bring it to a luthier and incur the repair costs out-of-pocket so that it may be returned to us in good condition. If a violin is demolished (i.e. if repairs cost more than the violin itself), a violin replacement of equal value will be accepted instead of a repaired violin. The value of the violins are $350, $600 and $1,000.

If your credit card number changes, or your charge doesn’t run through for any reason for a particular month, please update the card so the rental may continue.




How to start your rental:

First, schedule a time for your violin rental pick-up.

Then, choose the quality of violin you would like to start with. You can always change it later. The day you sign up for the rental is the day the monthly charges will begin.

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