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Definition: While you’re searching for Violin Teachers in NYC, it’s important to know what a “private lesson” offers as opposed to a “group class”. A Private Lesson is a one-on-one learning environment where one teacher is helping one student learn how to play an instrument. This differs from group classes. You can book your own lessons below. Call (646) 801-1787 or email info@nycviolinstudio.com if you need any help.

Private Violin Lessons are Now online


 – In-home and In-studio lessons are currently on hold –

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With Any Private Teacher Here:


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*Please note that due to Covid-19, all lessons are being held online through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Our teachers’ usual locations are still listed below for future reference, however these locations are not actively applicable until further notice.*

Where: *Currently online through Skype or FaceTime*
NYC Violin Studio at 307 W. 36th St
When:     Afternoon, evening and Saturday availability.
Specialty: Passionate about teaching adult beginners 
in the most efficient, effective and fun way possible. As a violinist experienced in performance, both as a gigging violinist and as a member of Orchestras (currently a member of the New York Repertory Orchestra) Antoinette is able to pull from a variety of musical experiences to help her students accomplish their own personal musical goals. She is the Studio owner and creator of the NYC Violin Studio Absolute Beginner Method for Adults, and is a skilled and experienced instructor with an infallible ability to make music lessons enjoyable and productive no matter who you are or where your background.

Private & Group String Teacher Antoinette

Where: *Currently online through Zoom or Skype*
[In your Manhattan home or
307 W 36th St, Floor 17, Room 3.]

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
in Manhattan. Monday on Long Island.
Specialty: A flexible teaching style, offering tailor made lessons to suit the needs of each individual student for a personalized approach to learning. Familiar with multiple methods of teaching and passionate about steering clear of the “one size fits all” mindset, Marie can help you get the most out of your lessons by creating a comfortable and stress-free environment. 

Where: *Currently online* 
NYC Violin Studio 307 W 36th St or UWS
When: Thurs, Mon, Tues, Sat
Specialty: Katherine is a concert violinist and experienced teacher. Highly skilled as a recitalist, concertmaster and performer, she is no stranger to what it takes to truly refine one’s playing to a level of excellence you’ll impress even yourself with. She is kind and compassionate, and you can rest assured
 that your lessons with Katherine will be based on a background rich in wisdom passed down from some of the great masters of violin & performance.




Where: *Currently online* 
Upper East Side (E. 83rd St & 1st Ave.) or
NYC Violin Studio at 307 W 36th St, Floor 17, Room 3.

Instruments Taught: Violin (intermediate-professional),
Viola (intermediate-professional), Cello (beginner-professional),
Bass (intermediate), Piano (beginnerintermediate). Music Composition.

When: Monday – Wednesday.
Specialty: Highly experienced string teacher with a rich musical background, and one of the few experts on the methods of legendary teacher D.C Dounis. Byron is principally a cellist, however after his many, many years in music education, he is able to effectively translate his method to all string players who wish to eliminate tension or physical stress in their playing. He is truly a master at resolving technical and musical difficulties to achieve effortless and beautiful technique.



Where: In your Manhattan home (UWS, Harlem &
Washington Heights), 307 W 36th St, Floor 17, Room 3 or, online.
When: Mon – Fri weekday mornings and afternoons.
Specialty: As an actively gigging violinist, Camille is skilled in teaching advanced pedagogy & repertoire. Integrating your past learning experience and training with your current musical goals, Camille will help you find your unique voice as a violinist, plus put your nerves at ease with insider advice on auditioning as well!


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