Private Lessons

NYC Violin Studio has several teachers in the various neighborhoods of Manhattan, as well as on Long Island. Each teacher specializes in different aspects of string learning, as briefly summarized below. Click on the teacher’s picture to learn more, where you can also schedule your lesson right on their real-time calendar.

Picture of teacher antoinette ady
Antoinette Ady, Founder
Beginner – Intermediate Violin
Beginner Viola
Midtown West

teacher annie foxen
Annie Foxen, Teacher
Beginner – Intermediate Violin
Beginner – Intermediate Viola
Beginner Cello Teacher
Midtown, Long Island, Skype

teacher marie votapka
Marie Votapka, Teacher
Beginner Violin
Midtown, Long Island

teacher camille
Camille Enderlin, Teacher
Intermediate – Advanced Violin
UWS, Harlem, Washington Heights

teacher photo byron duckwall
Byron Duckwall, Teacher
Intermediate – Advanced Cello
Intermediate – Advanced Violin
Intermediate – Advanced Viola
Intermediate – Advanced Piano
Beg – Inter. Music Composition
Upper East Side