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We have several products about to launch in the next month, and we need Beta Testers for the first course listed:

Absolute Beginner Violin Method
This is a 10-week self-guided course for complete beginners on the violin. It is especially written for adults who have never played any instrument before.

Beginner Violin Course
You’ve learned the D and A string. Now you’ll learn the G and E string, new bowing techniques, scales, exercises and so many new tunes that are just not possible on the only two strings you know so far!

Late Beginner Violin Course
You’ve conquered all four strings, but you don’t know all the notes on them. What happens when you go to look up your favorite piece, the Game of Thrones theme song, only to find out the key signature is dripping with flats. Ugh! This semester you’ll start off with learning every single note on the fingerboard! That’s right. You know a lot of them, but it’s time to fill in the gaps. Then embark on some really important scales and exercises, and some melodies in each key! Honestly, it’s going to be super fun and if you’ve ever had trouble with naming notes by letter, this is the semester to conquer that problem.

Intermediate Violin Class
We’ve been doing scales for a while. As in…years. But you know there are some we haven’t done, right? Take for example, the ones with 5, 6 and 7 sharps, and flats. How do you play a B#?? What’s the best way to play C flat when everything else is flat? And what position do you need to go into to play an F flat minor scale? While you might not be losing sleep over these questions, they nevertheless will launch you to a new level of playing. Not only will we cover each scale, we will play something in each key signature to make sure you can apply what you’ve learn. Nothing huge or long, but enough to let you know you can do this.
Oh, and we’ll be sending your left hand into turbo speed. Nothing big, just 32 notes on one bow!! (ok, just kidding, that is big!)

*A Note for Violists: All of the above classes will be available in Viola as well.

All of these courses are free when a student signs up for the 10-Week Summer Semester. All students who sign up for the 10-week Summer Semester will receive an All Access Pass and will also receive access to all of the above materials. 

The materials will also be available separately. 

Interested in Being a Beta Tester for the Absolute Beginner Violin Method?

Fill out this contact form and we’ll add you to the list. If there are any open spots left, we’ll let you know.