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10-WEEK VIOLIN BOOSTGroup Violin Classes Are Now Online

This 10-week violin training is aimed specifically at your playing level. If you’ve ever played violin in an orchestra before, you know how it feels to learn the tool of your trade, practice in between rehearsals and show up alongside your peers able to nail your part. If you’ve never taken lessons, I want you to envision that feeling: carrying your violin case to rehearsal, opening it up, tuning your violin, warming up, and creating the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard next to players your own age, who are in it for the love of it, just like you are. The sooner you sign up, the more time you’ll have to catch up. Don’t wait. Sign up today.

Winter Semester starts on Sept 22nd.
Next semester won’t start until Feb 2021.
Don’t miss your chance. Sign up now!


private lessons now onlineWITH PRIVATE LESSONS

It takes guts to learn violin, viola or cello. But that feeling when you step on the stage and absolutely nail your performance makes all those days of hard practice worth it. You start to realize that the deeper you dive in your practice, the more skilled you become. And that’s what private teachers are great at. Pinpointing what it is you should be focusing on, and explaining how to practice it right. Sign up with one of our skilled teachers today, and start your journey off right.


What Students Are Saying About NYC Violin Studio

“Let me start off by saying Antoinette is one of the greatest teachers you can find teaching the violin. You can tell she really cares about all her students and wants them to achieve success with their playing. She is a very kind person and will help you tackle any problems that you come across while learning how to play. I find it amazing how we now are able to play in our own little orchestra of beginners and grow together like a family. Highly recommend giving these classes a shot!”
-Jorge, computer science college student
Antoinette is an amazing violin instructor. I started learning how to play the violin from her two years ago and during this time I have seen big improvements in my ability to play the violin. She’s great at understanding the individual needs of her students and coming up with a tailored learning approach that enables her students to feel comfortable and grow their skills. The music pieces we use in class are well chosen and have made the learning experience very pleasurable. In addition to private classes, every year, Antoinette organizes two group class, one in Spring and the other Winter that both culminate in a violin concert in front of an audience of 60-80 people. This has really helped me build my confidence in playing the violin in front of a large audience. I highly recommend her to those who want to play learn how to play the violin for the first time as well as those that are looking to improve their skills at any level. It has been a great learning experience!

– James, Marketing
“Have been with Antoinette for two semesters, and will definitely keep going. She’s very professional and friendly. She puts her heart and soul into preparing us resources and presenting classes, making sure every piece of music and skill we practice fits our level and challenging enough. Also love the semi-annual concerts. I really enjoy learning with her, meeting great people in class, doing amazing music and showing off in concerts. Looking forward to the next semester!”
“I’ve really enjoyed taking private and group lessons with Antoinette and Marie. The private lessons really helped me get a firm grasp of the basics, and the group class has been great because I’ve been able to make music with other people. I’ve really gotten better at playing in the last few months because of these lessons, and I had a lot of fun! Never felt boring or like work. I just performed for the first time ever in NYC Violin Studio’s concert, and I felt very confident in my abilities thanks to the dedication, patience, and kindness of the instructors. I would highly recommend NYC Violin Studio for players of any experience level and age.”

– Julia L., college student
“I cannot recommend NYC Violin Studio enough. I have been to other schools in NYC and this is by far the best. Scheduling is incredibly easy. If I needed to miss a class I could make it up on another date. The instruction is fantastic. I think the instructors understand that most of the students aren’t planning on becoming concert violinists, so they focus on teaching interesting pieces while providing enough theory and technique to improve without completely overwhelming us. Truly top notch professionals who make the class fun!

– Katherine H., Education Director
“Really enjoyed the beginner group class. We learnt songs of multiple styles and the teacher made it fun and engaging. I’ll be attending future classes for sure.”

– Matt B., computer programmer
“Antoinette is not only a wonderful musician, she’s a true teacher. She was endlessly patient with me and could always find a different way to explain or describe what I needed to do. She was always encouraging but never fake about praise, so when I got it, I knew I’d actually done something right–and if I didn’t, she would simply work with me further on it until I did. I’m a teacher myself, so I recognize what it takes to be a good one–and Antoinette is not just good: she’s excellent. I’ve never met better.”   

– Professor Payne, College English Professor, Retiree
“I have been taking lessons with Antoinette since April, both privately and in a group. My progress has been unreal thanks to her patience and expertise! I also got a chance to participate in the student orchestra this fall, which culminated in a performance in a theater downtown. It was such a special day. I never thought that as an adult learner I would be able to perform something like that! The welcoming atmosphere is really amazing, but the most special part to me about NYC Violin Studio is that Antoinette and her teachers don’t hesitate to give us adult learners the same instruction about the violin and music theory in general that some teachers would save for kids who have ‘more potential’.”

– Chloe, Human Resources
Knowledgeable, patient instructor who takes her time to explain the basics. Antoinette’s violin classes are within my budget and the location is ideal.

– Anthia
“My son is 6 years old and he’s learning a lot with Ms. Marie Votapka, great teacher, very patient and professional. She’s committed to make my son learn and he’s already reading music.
The payment system is easy to use and the Studio has great deals when you buy packages.
We just had the Winter Concert where my son played both a solo and a Christmas song with his teacher.
We feel lucky and grateful with NYC. Violin Studio.

– Virginia, mother of student
“NYC Violin Studio has been a blessing for my daughter. In just the first ten lessons I have seen amazing results. I was impressed that in so short time my daughter was able to play and even participate in the violin concert.”

– Claritza, Mother of high school student
“Antoinette is an amazing teacher, super patient and really takes interest in her students. The semester end concert is so much fun where your fam and friends can see the progress you’ve made. Great group of people in a casual fun environment. If you ever wanted to play violin this is the group to do it with!”

– Morgan, model, L’Oréal
Ms. Marie Votapka is a great teacher. I am full time professional and mommy and she is always so accommodating around my schedule. She is engaging, patient and has a real gift for intuitively connecting to the student and knowing which direction to take. She breaks down the music into simple elements so students don’t get overwhelmed or frustrated. She is also very warm and always follows up on the progress. I am extremely happy with the classes and intending to continue.”

-Malika, United Nations staff
“Antoinette is the best!
I read a lot of reviews for local violin teachers before choosing to start lessons with Antoinette, and I’m so glad I went with her. She’s very friendly, inviting, organized, and professional. She takes the time to explain everything in a super clear and understandable way and has awesome little tips to make you a better player. She is excellent at recognizing where you might be struggling and tailoring her exercises to work on those weak spots and make you a better player.
I haven’t been the best student in that I don’t schedule lessons or practice as often as I should, but Antoinette has been so patient with me. She will simply review anything I’m shaky on at the beginning of our lesson and then pick up where we left off.
She’s also really responsive when I contact her with violin questions outside of class-time.
Would highly recommend to anyone!”

– Tova, Human Resources
I’ve had lessons with Marie for the past few months, and she’s been nothing but exceptional. She’s patient, caring, kind, thorough, and a pleasure to deal with :). I’ll be practicing with her for years to come!

– Shaun, real estate investor

What We Do

NYC Violin Studio is a music studio which specializes in violin, viola and cello lessons for all ages, especially adults. We offer two types of learning environments: private lessons (one-on-one) and small group classes for adults. Private lessons have a more flexible schedule and group classes are more social, have a looser cancellation policy and are less expensive.

Private Violin Lessons

One-on-one lessons are now taking place on Skype or FaceTime. Once the Covid-19 crisis is over, lessons will resume in the student’s home or in our Midtown West studio, located at 307 W 36th St on Floor 17. Once you arrive to the floor, find and call 014 to be buzzed in. Then proceed to Room 3 on the left. 

We have numerous private violin teachers for you to choose from so you can find the right teacher for you, at the right time and place. Using our real-time scheduling system, you can schedule, reschedule and cancel your lessons right from your own computer or smartphone. No need for endless emails back and forth deciding what mutual time is best. Learn more

Group Violin Classes
for Adults

In light of Covid-19, Group Classes are taking place over Zoom. After the crisis is over, Group classes will resume taking place in our midtown studio at 307 W 36th St, Floor 17. There are four levels of classes available: Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Late Beginner and Student Orchestra. 

Update: this semester, all currently enrolled students will benefit from an All-Access Pass. They may now attend any and all group classes offered, of any level.

Classes are held twice per week. Students should attend at least one of these classes. Three 10-week semesters are held per year, with two of them scheduled to culminate in performances. You can also schedule, reschedule and cancel group classes right from your computer or smartphone. Learn more


We hold two student concerts a year in the Winter and Spring, where private and group students alike can show off  their new (and improving) talents to family and friends. Our students get to have a blast and improve their skill with each passing concert. Learn more


We also sell various tiers of student violins, bows, strings and accessories to fit your needs as you progress. We have links for recommended products for those who are unable to pick up items in person.

Contact Us

We hope you’ll take the time to have a look through our site, and sign up for lessons or classes with us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. We answer most inquiries within 24 hours, if not sooner. And don’t forget to check our our Reviews!

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ASTA american string teacher association

NYC Violin Studio is run by Antoinette Ady, a member of the American String Teachers Association and full time violin teacher with 30 years of playing experience and 10 years of multi-state teaching experience with all ages, ranging from 2 – 80. She has grown NYC Violin Studio from 1 teacher to 6 teachers and hosts 3 student performances per year in addition to holding adult group violin classes and private lessons year-round.