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Intermediate / Student Orchestra Violin Class Details

Description & Pre-requisites

This is a 10 week group class semester suitable for intermediate students or late beginners who have completed the Late Beginner Semester, and/or have played their instrument in the past and can still comfortably read sheet music in several keys using first and third position. Two times a year, this semester culminates in a concert where pieces are performed for friends and family. There is no concert in the summer as we have a BBQ instead (fiddle jam, anyone)?

Students enrolling in the Summer Semester of the Intermediate Class should be able to read in several keys, read accidentals, use a number of different bowing techniques and rhythms, may be able to shift (for 1st violin; for 2nd violin this isn’t required) and can sight-read basic sheet music without stopping. This semester, intermediate students will be majorly increasing the speed of their left hand, practice playing and shifting into third and fifth position, will learn every major and minor scale and arpeggio and will play something in each of these key signatures! I am really excited about the curriculum this semester, as I love taking a step back in the summer and increasing the technical skill of my students. If all of this sounds easy to you, you are welcome to join the class and practice all of this in 2nd, 4th or 6th position.

For more details of skill levels required for this class, read our class level comparison here or schedule a phone meeting to see which is the best fit for you. Or, just write us an email. We’re super friendly. 

What you’ll need: A violin, clipped nails, a webcam and mic. We’ll provide the rest including PDFs and online videos to play along to!

Where & When

While classes are traditionally held at 307 W 36th St, Floor 17, Suite 3, New York, NY, due to Covid-19’s impact on New York City, we are holding our Summer Semester online. If the option to attend in person opens up, we will add that. But the option to attend online will be available all semester. 

Classes are held Tuesdays from 7:30pm – 8:30pm & Saturdays from 2:00pm – 3:00pm. New class material is presented on Wednesday and repeated on Saturday. See the full calendar here. Students are now welcome and encouraged to attend all 20 classes. If you do so, you will see your progress soar. If you can’t, you may also attend once weekly. And don’t forget, with the All Access Pass, you may attend ANY class, which means you can get a sneak peak at a harder class, or warm up with an easier class. This is especially helpful for those practicing vibrato or shifting. While the easier classes are going on, you can join along and practice your more advanced skills to easier pieces and exercises. Also, who doesn’t need more work on their fourth finger? Vow to never play an open string and you can start whipping that pinky into shape,

How to Register & Cancellation Policy

Early bird discount codes are available on the Group Classes page.

You may schedule and purchase a single class, or for much greater value and guaranteed progress, sign up for the full semester by purchasing either the All Access Pass or the All Access Pass Payment Plan, which divides the package into three automatic payments. Once payment is complete, schedule yourself for all of the classes you will be attending. This is an important step for the teacher to accurately plan the class.

The registration deadline is one week before the semester starts. Late enrollments are accepted on the condition of 1 or more catch-up private lessons. However, try to register as early as possible so the pieces and exercises can be tailored to who is going to be in the class for that semester (yes, we really do this).

Cancellation policy: In group classes, there is no penalty for a late cancel. However, please note that all discounted group lessons packages expire at the end of the semester. Single class purchases do not expire. If the minimum amount of class attendees is not met, your payment will be refunded or credited.

Why I Think You Should Join

I want to start off by saying how much I love my orchestra students, and I want to see your faces again! As you know, the orchestra has grown over the years we’ve been holding it and that’s why when someone asks me, “What level comes after Orchestra” I chuckle, because we are always growing. 

This semester’s curriculum is really exciting, guys! I have already lesson planned exactly how we are going to get those left-hand fingers really speedy, and warning, you are going to have to attend every week to achieve these results. If you miss a week, you are really going to have to practice in between. Not because it’s hard, but just because I have an exact roadmap planned out. (Try to schedule a make-up private lesson if you have to miss a week.)

We are also going to learn every single key, guys! This is huge! I have had several students ask for this in the past, and it is finally here, with a new scale and arpeggio sheet to help you along (with a separate version with finger numbers to make your life easier). If you’re iffy on finger numbers, use the fingered version since we are going to cover every single key, and you don’t want to get caught up on L1s and x4s. 

In order to play each of these keys in two octaves we are going to have to freshen you up on 3rd and 5th position. 5th isn’t as hard as it sounds, and I will guide you every step of the way, as I always do. Plus, you’ll have your ear to help you along in the scales and arpeggios. You won’t need to shift too much for the excerpts, unless of course you’d like the challenge, in which case I encourage you to attend a lower level class where you play ALL in third position. Seriously. That is the best way to get good at this stuff.

I’m also just really excited to see you guys again, and any newcomers who want to meet a great group of people while also building a rock solid foundation. See you there, hopefully!

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ASTA american string teacher association

NYC Violin Studio is run by Antoinette Ady, a member of the American String Teachers Association and full time violin teacher with 30 years of playing experience and 10 years of multi-state teaching experience with all ages, ranging from 2 – 80. She has grown NYC Violin Studio from 1 teacher to 6 teachers and hosts 3 student performances per year in addition to holding adult group violin classes and private lessons year-round. She teaches all of the adult group violin classes and has taught hundreds of students privately in NYC since 2011. 

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