Group Violin Class: Beginner

Do you have some experience the violin but not quite sure which class you fit in? Have you been playing violin for a year or two on your own without much progress? Can you play a scale on two strings and some fairly simple tunes and that’s it?

Answers to Common Questions:

Level 1: Adult Beginner Group Violin Class

Description: This is a 10 week group violin class semester suitable for beginners who have completed one of NYC Violin Studio’s Absolute Beginner classes, or who have played violin in the past and still remember the basics as listed below. This semester culminates in a concert where pieces will be performed for friends and family on Sunday, April 19th at Kraine Theater. 

Prerequisites: Absolute Beginner Class or ability to play D Major Scale, do slurs and bow lifts. Still not sure if this is the right level for you? Read our class comparison here or schedule an in-person meeting to see which is the best fit for you. 

Where: 307 W 36th St, Floor 17, Suite 3, New York, NY. When you arrive at Floor 17, Call 014 on the intercom to be buzzed in. Then wait in the lobby before class. When it’s class time, head to Room 3. 

Class times: Wednesdays at 6:30pm – 7:30pm & Saturdays at 12:00pm-1:00pm. New class material is presented on Wednesday and repeated on Saturday, so attend both if you don’t have much time to practice or would like to make faster progress. Otherwise, you may attend once weekly. You can also switch and add in any extra class times you wish to (see Single Class). Length: There are 10 class weeks in the semester, with two class options held per week. With a package of 10, you may attend any 10 of the 20 classes. Each class is one hour long.

How to register: To attend once per week, purchase a pack of 10. To attend twice per week, purchase a pack of 20. Other packages are available. Once payment is complete, schedule yourself for all of the classes you will be attending. This is an important step.

Registry Deadline: One week before semester start. Late enrollments accepted after the first class on condition of 1 or more catch-up private lessons. However, try to register early so the pieces can be tailored to who is going to be in the class for that semester (yes, we really do this).

Cancellation policy: In group classes, there is no penalty for a late cancel. However, please note that all discounted group lessons packages purchased expire at the end of the semester, whereas single (undiscounted) class purchases do not expire. If the minimum amount of class attendees is not met, your payment will be refunded or credited at your discretion.


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Winter Semester 2020
Feb 5 – April 18
Accepting Late Enrollments

Summer Semester 2020
May 26 – Aug 8

Winter Semester 2020
Sept 22 –  Dec 12

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