1. Missed lessons: If you need to miss a lesson, try your best to make it up within the same week to keep your progress steady.

2. 24 hour cancellation policy: You are required to give 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to your scheduled lesson. Otherwise, you may be charged the full amount for your missed lesson. If you find you are always canceling last minute, consider a standby schedule. You can book 4 hours in advance on any given day, so if you feel a cold coming on Morning morning and aren’t sure if you can make your lesson Tuesday night, you can cancel your lesson with time to spare, then if it turns out you able to come simply schedule yourself in on the scheduler.
Remember, your spot is being protected and reserved for you for weeks at a time, and if you cancel the day of, or with less than 24 hours notice, it is impossible for the teacher to fill your spot at the last minute. Additionally other students are always looking to schedule, so a missed time blocks an opportunity for another student. Scheduling is pretty flexible when done in advance – a regular weekly time is recommended but can be modified at any time (based on availability, of course). This mutually flexible system can only work based on advance cancellations, so we thank you in advance for working with us on this. If one day you find yourself in an extenuating circumstance, let us know and we will do our best to reschedule you (as the scheduling system will not allow you to reschedule or cancel 24 hours or less in advance.) Enough serious talk, let’s get to the fun stuff!

3. Practice: Please try to practice a minimum of 2-4 hours in between lessons, divided as you see fit. Try to practice daily. The repetition of practicing the same thing days in a row is incredibly helpful in building muscle memory. Tip: If a week comes up where you have limited days to practice, try to make one of your practice days close to your lesson day so you are less rusty. You will find your speed of progress is directly related to how much you practice weekly.


Yes, private lessons are being given over Skype (or the platform you and your teacher both agree on) and group classes are being taught over Zoom. You will receive detailed instruction upon signing up.
We offer both, and we encourage students to take both simultaneously to get the most out of lessons. One without the other is ok, but both offer the fastest progress and is the  most fun!
Adult beginners typically take 60 minute classes once per week at a recurring time. Young children typically take half hour classes and older children, experienced adult musicians and those on a budget typically take 45 minute classes. The most common lesson length to start with is 60 minutes, especially in the beginning as the teacher will need to tune your instrument until you learn how. Some students choose to take lessons twice per week when a concert or recital is coming up, to catch up from a vacation or if they have some extra time off or just want to catch up or get ahead on their goals. In class, you will learn new techniques, receive guidance on how to achieve the best sound possible and learn songs that you like and that interest you. We also feature special NYC Violin Studio exercises and duets that can't be found elsewhere. You are expected to take this guidance and practice it thoroughly at home until you feel comfortable with it, so that when you are in class next, the teacher can move on to a new concept or skill which builds upon the skill practiced at home. They will only move you forward once you can do the more basic technique. All private students have an opportunity to play solos and duets in the semiannual concerts.
Group classes consist of a sequential semester in groups of 8 or 12 classes with Summer and Winter semesters ending in a concert where all students can dazzle their friends and family with their newly learned skills. When we are enrolling for a new semester, details such as dates, times, location and prices will be posted for that semester. Prices range from about $30 - $40 per class, with discounts for a full or half semester purchase.  Late enrollments are accepted but may need a few private lessons to catch up. We will be working through a curriculum, so it is important that each student takes the material covered in class and practices it at home before the next class. Each class will build one upon the next. Many students like learning in a group setting as they are all learning a new instrument at the same time. Even beginners learn from one another as everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. You might be great at rhythm, whereas your stand partner really knows how to nail the right notes every time. You will learn a lot just from playing with other musicians of any level and any instrument. Group classes were formed so you can experience the joy, self-improvement and accountability involved in playing in group, to give you a reason to practice more and to improve your ability to read and play sheet music. Your skill will be increased through playing with others and working through the challenges that playing new music offers. Additionally, the students of NYC Violin Studio are just great people to be around, so get ready to make some new friends!
Yes, we specialize in adult beginners. In NYC, many adults are looking to learn the violin. We teach students of all ages and have a majority of adults in our private lessons and, all group classes are adult classes.
At this time there are three levels: 1. Absolute Beginner 2. Beginner 3. Late Beginner/Intermediate (Student Orchestra) Absolute Beginners have either never touched a violin, have little or no formal training on the violin, or have played for such a short time so long ago in the past that they want a fresh start. The first several classes are the base of the rest of the semester, so really try to make sure not to miss those. Our specialized curriculum  allows us to get this out of the way quickly but correctly. You are welcome to join the class once the semester has already begun, but know that it will take at least 1-2 private lessons to catch you up to the group class, at which point we will gladly have you join in for the rest of the semester. Any further catching up you need to do can be done in the group class setting with the help of the assistant violin teacher. The Beginner Class is perfect for students who have completed the Absolute Beginner Class. You know this is the right class for you if you can play a D Major Scale. The Student Orchestra is for Late Beginner and Intermediate students. This class is right for you if you know how to read music in first position in a couple different keys. 1st Violin typically shift into third position and have a more recognizable or faster melody and 2nd violin typically stays in first position and has a little bit of an easier part. As students advanced. this class-turned-orchestra was formed because playing through pieces became more important than techniques that needed to be learned. Violin players really never get to stop practicing, so if you want to make music with a group, but not stress out about a super hard part, and want great songs to play, then this is the group for you. The Group Technique Intensive was formed to work intensively on left and right hand technique. So much goes into making a beautiful tone (right hand), other bowing techniques are explored (right hand), the left hand must be sped up, higher positions must be approached, and there are so many more fun things to learn that you'll just have to find out about in person! Playing in an ensemble is fun, keeps you accountable on your violin progress and you will get to perform for family and friends in a concert at the end of the semester. Violists and Cellists are actively being sought for the student orchestra.
Classes typically have 6-10 students in attendance, depending on the type of class and season. Historically, classes have gone as high as 20 students as we neared the concert, but we now prefer to cap classes at 8-12 students for maximum attention to each student. Classes must have a minimum of 3 enrollments to start the semester.
Please visit the "Prices" page from the menu bar.
Necessary to begin: 1. Owned or rented violin outfit (violin, bow, case, rosin) 2. Appropriate method book, as recommended by the teacher. Recommended: 3. Shoulder Rest (if needed - the Kun Original is great) 4. Tuner (D'Addario violin tuner is best) 3. Metronome app or device (Seiko is great) 4. Music stand, for home practice 6. Spare set of strings (E.g. Ascente, Dominant)
Yes. If lessons are canceled or changed (including lesson duration change) within a 24 period prior to the scheduled lesson, you may be charged the full rate for the lesson. The reason for this is as follows: when you book your lesson, your teacher reserves that spot for you all week, denying other students the opportunity to book at that time. If you cancel at the last minute, you are denying the teacher the ability to book another lesson during the time they were holding for you and denying other students the opportunity for a lesson. Other than this single rule, scheduling is pretty flexible. You have complete control over your own schedule using our scheduling software. You can schedule, reschedule and cancel any time you like - as long as you give more than 24 hours notice. If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, there is no penalty and lessons never expire. If you are unsure whether or not you should cancel you should probably cancel, and then, if it turns out you can make the lesson after all, you can reschedule up to 4 hours in advance on the scheduler. If you know about a lesson you can't make, please tell the teacher or cancel or reschedule the lesson yourself as soon as you know.
Our belief and experience has been that this is absolutely not true. A good teacher can teach anyone.  The advantage that kids have over adults is that they have many years ahead of them to practice to become virtuosos. In our experience, adults learn quite fast, even faster than kids many times.
Here at NYC Violin Studio, private students can be playing their first song by the end of the second or third lesson and after 4 lessons have several short, easy songs under their belt. After about 6 lessons, the student will usually be sight-reading easy sheet music fairly easily. The more you practice outside of your lesson, the faster your progress will be. We can't emphasize this enough. How fast you sound confident depends on how much time you spend in practice getting comfortable.
You can achieve moderate success practicing at least 30 minutes a day. Some students leave their violin out and grab it whenever they have 20 or 30 minutes, whereas other students like to concentrate deeply for an hour or two several times a week. Longer, more frequent, concentrated practice will yield faster and better results. Sometimes life gets in the way, we get sick and we go out of town. If you must miss several days of practice, please aim for least 2-3 hours of practice in the week and try to practice close to your scheduled lesson time so you're not rusty when you come in.
Yes. Violin and fiddle are the same instrument, they are just two different styles of music. Both have the same foundation. Once you are rolling along, your teacher will start specializing in fiddle songs and technique.
Absolutely. Start making a list and bring it in to your teacher!
Yes. You will need it to practice at home in between lessons and for concerts. If you don't have one, you are welcome to rent one from us until you decide on which one to buy.
Yes. There are partial scholarships available for group classes during each semester. See our "Scholarships" page in the footer menu or through the group classes page.
NYC Violin Studio does not share your information with anyone. If you are signed up for an email list, we only use that to keep you updated on the latest classes and offers. The email you use to schedule will receive automatic notifications about purchases, lessons scheduled, rescheduled, reminders through our Acuity scheduling system.
Private lessons: Lessons that were paid for but not received may be requested to be refunded, though a reschedule is encouraged as lesson credits never expire. Refunds are not issued for lessons that were given, for a no-show, or for a lesson than was canceled or modified less than 24 hours in advance. Group lessons: Any group class purchase, whether single or a full semester, is good until the end of the semester. Refunds are not issued for classes that were not received. If a student has purchased a full semester but never started it, they may use the tuition for another semester, gift it to a friend or donate it as a sponsored scholarship, or request a refund. If you purchased your class through CourseHorse, then our Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you are entitled to a refund, or have any questions, please visit the CourseHorse site and contact their customer service team.

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