Group Violin Class: Absolute Beginner

Are you an adult who is interested in learning violin?

Would you like to learn violin without spending an arm and a leg every month? (You’ll need both arms to learn violin.)

Does making music with others sound exciting?

Whether you’re learning violin to show off an impressive new skill (which it is) or because you have a genuine love for music, this class will get you started on the right foot. No long-term commitments necessary. Come try it out and have some fun!

Where: 353 W. 48th St, 2nd Floor (except 7/30 & 8/6 which is at 149 W. 46th St)
When:  June 25th – Aug 17th (8 weeks)
            Tuesdays at 6:45pm & Saturdays at 11am
Students may attend once or twice a week depending on speed of learning and how much practice
time they can get in during the week outside of class.

Description: This is an 8 week violin class semester for students who have never played before, or who have only played for a few years and have been away from the violin for 5+ years. Playing will begin on the very first day with the help of an assistant teacher delivering personalized attention as needed throughout the class. We keep it simple and fun with exclusive beginner exercises, songs and duets found only through our studio. Class size is limited to 8 students max. 
Prerequisites: Have a violin (click here to rent from us). Sign up. Clip your nails. Show up. That’s it! We will provide the music.
Register By: June 18th. 4 seats remaining. Late enrollments accepted after the first class (June 25th/June 29th) on condition of 1 or more catch-up private lessons.
How to register: To attend once per week, purchase a pack of 8. To attend twice per week, purchase a pack of 16. Other packages are available. Once payment is complete, schedule yourself for all of the classes you will be attending!

 One Class Per Week
Pack of 8   $260
   Two Classes Per Week
Pack of 16  $450
Two Classes Per Week
Financed Over 2 Months $237 x 2

Other package options:
  1 Class

   Pack of 4

Pack of 6
  Pack of 12