Group Violin Class: Absolute Beginner

Level 0:
Absolute Beginner
Adult Group Violin Class


Have you always wanted the violin? Did you used to play violin for a short time and want to pick it back up?

If you have absolutely no experience on the violin, and you are an adult in who lives or works in or near NYC, this is the perfect class for you. Though we do accept kids into private lessons, these group classes are 100% for adults who have never touched an instrument before. Really!

Group classes are an affordable way to learn violin in a social setting. Many music schools in NYC require you to have experience in the violin before starting, but not here. Absolutely no prior experience is needed for this class. We mean it. The less music you’ve studied, the more you’ll fit in. When we say Absolute Beginner, we mean it. Most students in this class have never touched a violin. Yes, really.

Whether you’re learning violin to gain a talent, for the love of music or to finally pursue (or get back to) the passion you’ve neglected for so long, this class will get you started on the right foot. No long-term commitments necessary. Come try it out and have some fun!

Description: This is a 10 week violin class semester for students who have never played before, or who have only played for a few years and have been away from the violin for 5+ years. Playing will begin on the very first day with the help of an assistant teacher delivering personalized attention throughout the class to those who may need it. We keep it simple and fun with exclusive beginner exercises, songs and duets found only through our studio. Class size is limited to 8 students max. At the end of the semester the more advanced students perform in a concert. If this class’s progress has exceeded expectation, you may perform as well! The concert will be performed for friends and family on Sunday, April 19th at Kraine Theater. 


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Summer Semester 2020
May 26 –  Aug 8

Winter Semester 2020
Sept 22 – Dec 12

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