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Adult Absolute Beginner
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Upcoming Group Violin Class Semesters Summer Winter 2020

However, if you have already taken an Absolute Beginner semester (or similar) please contact us here to request an Absolute Beginner Review Class. If enough students are interested, we will schedule one.

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Group Violin Class Q&A

Have you always wanted the violin? Did you used to play violin and now want to pick it back up again. If so, you’re just like 80% of our other students.

Absolute Beginner
Violin Class Details

Description & Pre-requisites

If you have absolutely no experience on the violin, and you are an adult in who lives or works in or near NYC, this is the perfect class for you. Though we do accept kids into private lessons, these group violin classes are 100% for adults who have never touched an instrument before. Really!

This is a 10 week group violin class semester for students who have never played before, or who have only played for a few years and have been away from the violin for 5+ years. Playing will begin on the very first day with the help of an assistant teacher delivering personalized attention throughout the class to those who may need it. We keep it simple and fun with exclusive beginner exercises, songs and duets found only through our studio. Class size is limited to 8 students max. At the end of the semester the more advanced classes perform in a concert. If this class’s progress has exceeded expectations, you may perform as well! 

In this class, students will learn how to hold the violin, how to pluck, how to hold and use the bow, how to read sheet music, how to play open strings, how to place all fingers on two strings, and will be playing a number of songs together. For more details of skill levels required for this class, read our class level comparison here or schedule a phone meeting to see which is the best fit for you. Or, just write us an email. We’re super friendly.

Where & When

While classes are traditionally held at 307 W 36th St, Floor 17, Suite 3, New York, NY, due to Covid-19’s impact on New York City, we are holding our Summer Semester online. If the option to attend in person opens up, we will add that. But the option to attend online will be available all semester. 

Classes are held Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 7:30pm & Saturdays from 11:00am-12:00pm. New class material is presented on Tuesday and repeated on Saturday. See the full calendar here. Students are now welcome and encouraged to attend all 20 classes. If you do so, you will see your progress soar. If you can’t, you may also attend once weekly. And don’t forget, with the All Access Pass, you may attend ANY class, which means you can get a sneak peak at a harder class.

How to Register & Cancellation Policy

Early bird discount codes are available on the Group Classes page.

You may schedule and purchase a single class, or for much greater value and guaranteed progress, sign up for the full semester by purchasing either the All Access Pass or the All Access Pass Payment Plan, which divides the package into three automatic payments. Once payment is complete, schedule yourself for all of the classes you will be attending. This is an important step for the teacher to accurately plan the class.

The registration deadline is one week before the semester starts. Late enrollments are accepted on the condition of 1 or more catch-up private lessons. However, try to register as early as possible so the pieces and exercises can be tailored to who is going to be in the class for that semester (yes, we really do this).

Cancellation policy: In group classes, there is no penalty for a late cancel. However, please note that all discounted group lessons packages expire at the end of the semester. Single class purchases do not expire. If the minimum amount of class attendees is not met, your payment will be refunded or credited.


Why We Think You Should Join

Many adults have a passion that they always daydream about and rarely take action on. This goal is totally doable and we can guarantee that you if you show up, and practice, you will attain the results you are looking for. We will be there with you every step of the way, and will help get you started on the amazing violin journey you’ve been looking forward to for so long.

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Violin Rentals

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We rent violins to our students by the month. Click the title link above to find out more.

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Are Group Violin Classes Right For You?

Group classes are an affordable way to learn violin in a social setting. Many music schools in NYC require you to have experience in the violin before starting, but not here. Absolutely no prior experience is needed for this class. We mean it. The less music you’ve studied, the more you’ll fit in. When we say Absolute Beginner, we mean it. Most students in this class have never touched a violin. Yes, really.

Whether you’re learning violin to gain a talent, for the love of music or to finally pursue (or get back to) the passion you’ve neglected for so long, this class will get you started on the right foot. No long-term commitments necessary. Come try it out and have some fun!

Join the class and see why everybody is having so much fun!

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Meet your teachers, back from a time when masks were only for dystopian future movies!

ASTA american string teacher association

NYC Violin Studio is run by Antoinette Ady, a member of the American String Teachers Association and full time violin teacher with 30 years of playing experience and 10 years of multi-state teaching experience with all ages, ranging from 2 – 80. She has grown NYC Violin Studio from 1 teacher to 6 teachers and hosts 3 student performances per year in addition to holding adult group violin classes and private lessons year-round. She teaches all of the adult group violin classes and has taught hundreds of students privately in NYC since 2011. 

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