Mind doing a little survey?

Hey guys! So in light of the extended isolation due to COVID-19, and also in alignment with my long-term goals of bringing violin education online, I have decided to start putting together an encyclopedic set of courses on violin. However, I need your input.

As you know, I love teaching. In private lessons, I get to tailor a course to an individuals’ needs, and in a group class, I can tailor a path with a specific goal in mind – the final concert! But online pre-recorded curriculums has me so filled with ideas that I’m not sure where to start first!

I would love to know what online learning platforms you have used in the past, what you liked about it, what tools I have published that have helped you the most (or could), what topics and songs interest you, and what you feel I have to offer the online learning community based on your experience with my teaching, or just what you think should be brought to the table to set me apart from the crowd.

The survey is in-depth, but I really feel it will give me the answers I need to build a fantastic series of courses. And don’t worry – these are purely supplemental to private and group lessons! In fact, I can see them really enhancing both.

So don’t be shy – leave me your input!