Beginner Adult Group Classes Starting!

NYC Violin Studio is proud to announce that First Day Beginner Adult Group Classes will be starting in March! This class is geared towards complete beginners on the violin who have no prior experience with the violin.

A number of students have come to us for private lessons because their group class was not delivering what they expected. What sets this class apart from other classes is the comprehensive learning experience. We take a modern approach and give you a wide and varied skill set. Some other classes focus on Suzuki repetition only, but not all students want to learn classical music only and they don’t all want to play the same song over and over for weeks on end. Our classes provide variety and keep the classes fun and interesting with a performance at the end to invite your friends and family to.

If you’ve been dreaming of playing the violin because you never have or because you used to when you were younger, take this opportunity to join the fun now.

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