Group Classes are starting!

Adult beginner group classes have arrived!

Classes will be held every Sunday from 12-1pm from September 10, 2017 – December 10th, 2017 at The Producer’s Club at 358 W. 44th St.

In these classes you will be practicing and playing with other students, learning new technique and theory and you will perform at the end of the semester. Ensemble playing plays a key role in music education and is irreplaceable. Fluid playing is a result of lots of playing time put it on your instrument, and playing with a group is a really fun way to achieve this, and is like no other musical experience.

We will be playing relatively easy songs that we will work on as a group. There will be up to three parts involved: really easy, easy, and pretty easy. So don’t fear that you’ll get a part that’s too hard to play because that’ll be impossible. If this is your first-ever time touching a violin, you’ll need at least a few private lessons to get you started, so I can show you how to hold the violin, use the bow, and the first few basic notes (about 10).

Tuition is as follows:
$35 per class
or $400 for the semester ($28/class)

Students taking regular lessons at The NYC Violin Studio (at least two regularly scheduled lessons per month) receive a discount, as this is a supplementary learning experience.
$25 per class
or $300 for the semester ($21/class).

All forms of payment are accepted, including cash, check, Venmo, PayPal or credit card (a fee will be applied). One to two absences are already figured into the semester, but it would of course be ideal to attend all sessions. If you miss a class or two, you’ll still be fine for the concert.

Classes are held on the second floor of the Producer’s Club. Once you walk in, walk up the stairs and find the room assignment sheet posted on the bulletin board. Arrive 5 minutes early to unpack your things and tune!

As soon as you pay your tuition, you will receive the sheet music and can start learning it ahead of time.

The concert date is TBD, but it will be shortly after the last class on December 10th. Please note that there will be a small admission fee for the concert-goers. Also note you will be encouraged to play solo or duo pieces for the same concert with any accompanying musician or musicians!

Lastly, violin rentals are available for private students.

The class may have anywhere from 3 to 20 students. However, if less than three students are signed up, the class will be canceled until next semester and any tuition fees paid will be refunded or applied toward private lessons. Help prevent this by spreading the word to your friends (you’d be surprised how many people have always wanted to play the violin, or who used to play!)

Please register by August 31st so that the pieces can be properly arranged for those attending the class.

Please enroll before August 31st. If you feel you qualify for either a payment plan (pre-scheduled debits) or a partial or full scholarship, please write or call or text (646) 801-1787.

Looking forward to getting you started!

Thank you for being a part of the music culture in NYC!